Eco-friendly Accommodation at Chalet Cannelle

We want to keep these beautiful mountains beautiful - read on to find out what steps we take to reduce our impact on the environment here in the Portes du Soleil.

At Chalet Cannelle, we strive to provide eco-friendly accommodation that minimises our environmental footprint without sacrificing quality. Your stay at our luxury ski chalet in the winter or bed and breakfast in the summer promises a boutique experience in the beautiful mountains of France. You can also rest assured knowing you are doing your part to improve the environment.

From serving meals with responsibly sourced ingredients to reusing plastics and textiles, we do everything we can to make the chalet eco-friendly. Best of all, the organic and natural products we use all over the chalet are better for your skin and health because they are free of harsh chemicals.

For us, being eco-conscious is not a marketing or business decision. Chalet Cannelle is our home and doing what is right for the environment is our personal lifestyle choice that we hope our guests enjoy too.

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning & Toiletry Products

We use only ecological, natural, and organic cleaning products. Our cleaners do not include harsh chemicals or dangerous ingredients and they are not packaged in single-waste plastic. We also refill products whenever possible to eliminate waste.

Refilled guest toiletries prevent the unnecessary disposable of plastic bottles. Soap bars cannot be reused between guests, but we are able to wash and refill travel-sized toiletry bottles. The process is completely sanitary, and any damaged plastics are 100% recyclable. You are also welcome to take this with you for at home or your next stay.

Chalet Cannelle uses toilet paper made of 100% recycled paper that is non-bleached. These products are eco-friendly without diminishing the quality of our toiletry products.

Responsible Food & Water Sourcing

Chalet Cannelle is located in the same mountains where Evian water is derived from. This excellent quality tap water is used for drinking, cooking, cleaning, and bathing at the chalet. We also use a Soda Stream to serve sparkling water and encourage guests to bring useable water bottles for refill instead of using bottled water.

We serve meat and dairy products that are French free range and adhere to the French Label Rouge program. These products improve farmer income and strengthen rural development while providing top-notch food items. Our charcuterie and cheese are free range as well, sourced from France, Italy and Spain.

Eggs served at the chalet are from our very own pastured reared hens. You are sure to see them out and about during your stay!

We eliminate all food waste by intelligently preparing food. There is no waste from guest's plates and any food scraps are given to our chickens.

We grow food on the property during the summer and winter without the use of chemicals in our garden. Weeds are removed by hand and pollinator plants are left to protect the bees. Each year, we plant new trees and pollinator plants.

Attention to Environmental Details

Renewable fuel is used to heat the house and water. We use wood pellets to keep all guests warm and cozy while protecting the environment.

We have eliminated the use of single-use plastics as much as possible.

A lot of the textiles you will see around the chalet are made by us with fair trade or upcycled fabrics.

We are always open to suggestions!

We take environmental safety and protection practices very seriously. Chalet Cannelle is located in one of the most beautiful places in the world, and we are committed to maintaining the wonder and beauty of our planet. If you have any suggestions during your stay for eco-friendly practices, we would love to hear them! Contact us today to learn more about the eco aspects of the chalet.