Our Food

We love everything about food. Growing it, rearing it, picking it, sourcing it, preparing it, eating it.

chalet cannelle home smoked salmon

If you have been here before, you know this already. If not, the large selection of cookbooks and foodie magazines in the chalet usually gives it away. Likewise the cold smoker on the terrace, the wood fired oven and the Japanese ceramic grill outside the front door, all hint at the devotion that goes in to preparing the food we serve.

Sourcing the ingredients we want to cook with takes much of our time but that effort ensures the quality and provenance of the ingredients meet our standards. We have farmers we trust and only use free range French animal products.

The Chalet Cannelle free range chickens wander where they please and provide eggs for breakfast. Even in the winter, there will be food on the table that we have grown organically in the chalet garden.

Chalet cannelle dessert

Not everything used in the Chalet Cannelle Kitchen can be local or homegrown; the Alps are not suited for cultivating vanilla and cinnamon - but even these we source directly from small, independent growers in Madagascar and Sri Lanka.

Describing a cooking ethos can be quite difficult in a few words. We like to say that the dishes we serve you are cooking without cheating; we make pretty much everything from scratch with real ingredients. That includes our stocks, sauces, pastry, pasta, ice creams and sorbets. We don't cut corners and if the best tasting pork takes 26 hours to cook, then we take 26 hours to cook it.

We serve a varied menu for your stay, from contemporary French and Italian dishes to shared banquet style dining for a Thai feast. Our inspiration comes from our travels and adventures in other countries and we love to share experiences with our guests. If you would like a sample menu, please get in touch.

Our aim is to serve fresh, satisfying and occasionally indulgent food...after all, you are on holiday! We always consider the nutritional value of our dishes and ensure they are some of the tastiest meals you will eat. We prepare vegetarian and gluten-free / dairy free meals with the same dedication and creativity as we do our other dishes.

For those of you that consider the food you eat on holiday to be as (or more!) important than the activities, you might like our foodie site, The Alpine Kitchen. We regular post our foodie thoughts such as recipes or trips we have taken. We have even written our own cookbook!

A selection of photos, from the Chalet Cannelle garden to your plate

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